Friday, March 27, 2009

so behind... {3.19 - 3.23}

3.19.09 - zach took the boys to the grossology exhibit with ya-ya and m. it was great for coda because it was all about cow farts and gross stuff like that.
3.20.09 - holden's 6 month doctor's appointment.

3.21.09 - tonight john and kenzie came over to watch Twilight (yes, I gave in to the temptation and read the book, it only took me 5 days). before coda went to bed, he really wanted to play games so he brought up his Operation and Cariboo from his office and we played for a few.
3.22.09 - coda's school friend's 4th birthday party at Lifetime Fitness.

3.23.09 - coda decided he no longer wanted to wear a pull-up to bed. i think he probably could have done this much sooner, but honestly we just didn't want to clean up wet sheets everynight. well, he made the decision to sleep in his under-roos and he did AWESOME.

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