Saturday, March 28, 2009

a new hair cut...

3.1.09 - coda getting his much needed hair cut at Floyd's. He loves this place because they give you a massage after.
3.2.09 - and the new do.

ok, i just did all of these posts backwards, but oh, well. i got them done. :) enjoy!

so behind...

3.3.09 - holden loves his suckie friends.
3.4.09 - joined a new gym and so far so good (3.27.09 and still going, that's a good sign.
3.6.09 - poor coda got sick again! at least this one didn't last too long.
3.8.09 - i love how coda prays. he makes sure that everyone has there hands just like this.
3.10.09 - zach and ya-ya took coda and holden to go see Just So coda really enjoys going to see the plays and holden did really well.

3.11.09 - quizno's and pepsi. mmmm... a favorite of mine.
3.12.09 - blowing bubbles on a nice colorado day.
3.14.09 - coda at the st. patty's day parade. while i was gone the boys went over to uncle josh's for some green eggs and then to the parade. brian and jessica were there too with haley and joe.

3.16.09 - i took the weekend and visited my good friend becky in chicago. it was so much fun, i was sad to leave, but happy to be going home to see my boys.

Friday, March 27, 2009

so behind... {3.19 - 3.23}

3.19.09 - zach took the boys to the grossology exhibit with ya-ya and m. it was great for coda because it was all about cow farts and gross stuff like that.
3.20.09 - holden's 6 month doctor's appointment.

3.21.09 - tonight john and kenzie came over to watch Twilight (yes, I gave in to the temptation and read the book, it only took me 5 days). before coda went to bed, he really wanted to play games so he brought up his Operation and Cariboo from his office and we played for a few.
3.22.09 - coda's school friend's 4th birthday party at Lifetime Fitness.

3.23.09 - coda decided he no longer wanted to wear a pull-up to bed. i think he probably could have done this much sooner, but honestly we just didn't want to clean up wet sheets everynight. well, he made the decision to sleep in his under-roos and he did AWESOME.

so behind... {3.24 - 3.26}

3.24.09 - Tonight our care group was at Chris and Kristy's. It's great when it's there because they have a 5 year old daughter and a 3 year old son, so Coda loves it. This is the play house they have in the playroom. How awesome is this?!? Tonight we had a lot of kids because the pastor and his family came to check out our group and we talked our good friends brian and jessica to also join our group and bring their two little munchkins. I can say, it was a crazy house!!
3.25.09 - coda recently started spelling his name and other small words (hat, cat, hot, cold, dad, mom). it's really cool to see the way he progresses over time.
3.26.09 - our first day with cloth diapers. well, sorta. we just got one to try it out. i think we are going to buy more soon.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday 3.6.09

Today, Zach and I went on a photoshoot. Kindra is about to have her 2nd baby girl. She was awesome to work with, along with her husband and cutie of a daughter. We headed up to Boulder for the session. It was supposed to snow today, but we got lucky and it was gorgeous. Stay tuned to the revert blog for a sneak peak. Hopefully coming soon. I was just going through them real quick and saw this image of Zach and knew it had to be my photo of the day!

Friday, February 27, 2009

getting behind...

i had a chance to sit down today and go through some of my photos. i know that i haven't gotten all of the days on here, but here are a bunch. enjoy. ~m

02.19.2009 --


02.22.2009 -- zach is absolutely obsessed with girl scout cookies. we've already bought (and ate) four boxes of thin mints. i think i only got 2 (cookies, not boxes). i swear, zach can eat an entire box in one sitting! it's crazy.

02.23.2009 -- what's in your fridge??

02.25.2009 -- every wednesday is "wacky wednesday" at the church by our house. coda has been going for about a year. he loves it. he has so much fun. this week, zach went and taught the class.

02.26.2009 -- zach took these great shots of coda today to show how long his hair is getting and when i saw this one, i just had to put it next to this one of coda that i took at the hospital. i think it's so funny that they are yawning exactly the same, their heads are even tilted the same way!

02.27.2009 -- tonight was movie night at our church. we picked up some papa johns and headed over to eat some pizza and watch wall-e with some great families from our church. here's coda, sucking his thumb as always hanging on to his lion-pilly and boomba.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monday 2.9.09

Monday after I got off work I was talking to grandma and grandpa and we decided to get on Skype. My sister had just gotten over to their house with Keira and Kameron, so we got to talk to them too. Skype is awesome because you can video chat completely free and since they live 2 states away, it's nice to be able to do that every once in awhile. Coda had to show him his Planet Heroes poster and build them a rocket. My mom of course had to take a picture of us on her computer too and put it on her blog.

--I haven't decided which photo I will use for my album. I might actually use both on the extended journaling card. --

Sunday 2/8/09


Sunday, Zach took Coda to the Monster Truck Jam, John and Kenzie went with. We thought it would be a fun thing to get done on the floor and see the trucks up close and personal so Zach had to get the Pit Party passes at the box office of the Pepsi Center. He went Friday before the event and it was awesome, because they just released some more tickets and he ended up getting front row so they got to see all the action really close! Some of Coda's favorite parts were the transformers that got into a fight, getting his checkered flag signed by all the drivers, and the ATV racing. It sounded like they had a lot of fun together. I love the shirt that Coda is wearing. It seemed so appropriate for the event. And I hear he got a lot of compliments on it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

week 6

Hello. I know, I have been a huge slacker on posting. But honest, I'm not behind and I haven't missed a day yet. ;) I'm going to post final layouts for the weeks that I missed, but here is week 6 (Feb 1-7) that I just got done doing tonight. I decided to go all digital this week. Let me know what you think. It's definitely more time consuming getting all of the type to line up correctly and look the way I want it, but I think it adds a whole different dimension to the album.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Final layouts...

Here are some images of my final layouts. I finished up all the details for weeks 1-3. As you can see I'm using the days of the week labels for my journaling and the clear letter stickers for my photos. I'm putting the clear stickers on a punched out colored paper to give them a bit more pop. Week 3, I used a yellowish color and think I like the bolder colors better. It's hard to read the white letter on the yellow paper. I really like my mix of 4x6 horizontal photos with the 3x4 vertical photos. I also think I have a good mix of computer generated journaling and handwriting. It's definitely easier to do the handwritten cards, but I think the computer print looks so much nicer! ;) Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Days 20, 21, 22, 23

This weekend the whole family went up to Keystone. It was so much fun. Zach's parents rented a house for the weekend and we all had fun playing games, eating some good food, and just being around each other. We all arrived on Friday night (us being the last to arrive, because I worked all day) and ate some dinner and then played Pop 5. Saturday the guys went snowboarding and the girls took Coda sledding and then to lunch and some shopping at the Outlets. We then all returned to the house for some good food and more games. The boys went to go play hockey at the outdoor skating rink and the rest of us played some wii. Sunday was the end of our fun weekend, so we grabbed a nice family group shot. We really had a great time! Thanks Bart and Kathy for all the FUN!!

Day 20 (1.16.09)

Day 21 (1.17.09)
Also using a 3x4 image for this day. This is Holden and his little cousin Amelia. Amelia is 3 months older then Holden. Aren't they adorable in their matching outfits.

Day 22 (1.18.09)

Day 23 (1.19.09): Zach took the boys to go watch his cousin, Matt, play hockey at the promenade. This is a picture of Coda and Molly watching the game.