Friday, February 27, 2009

getting behind...

i had a chance to sit down today and go through some of my photos. i know that i haven't gotten all of the days on here, but here are a bunch. enjoy. ~m

02.19.2009 --


02.22.2009 -- zach is absolutely obsessed with girl scout cookies. we've already bought (and ate) four boxes of thin mints. i think i only got 2 (cookies, not boxes). i swear, zach can eat an entire box in one sitting! it's crazy.

02.23.2009 -- what's in your fridge??

02.25.2009 -- every wednesday is "wacky wednesday" at the church by our house. coda has been going for about a year. he loves it. he has so much fun. this week, zach went and taught the class.

02.26.2009 -- zach took these great shots of coda today to show how long his hair is getting and when i saw this one, i just had to put it next to this one of coda that i took at the hospital. i think it's so funny that they are yawning exactly the same, their heads are even tilted the same way!

02.27.2009 -- tonight was movie night at our church. we picked up some papa johns and headed over to eat some pizza and watch wall-e with some great families from our church. here's coda, sucking his thumb as always hanging on to his lion-pilly and boomba.

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  1. Hi! Your photos look GREAT! The yawning photo was just perfect...I also have the shot with the Girl Scout Cookies...we have way too many boxes around here!

    I know how difficult it is to catch up on the blog but it's always nice to see your photos!

    Have a great weekend :)